Mind maps and process...

I have always admired London Underground System, and the way it connects the large city through intertwined lines, while the map is graphically illustrated to be easily accessed and comprehended by anyone, no matter where do they come from. Even though it is a complex map, anyone can know where to go and how to navigate through the city. 

This has been the main inspiration when I was asked to document my own creative process; I had to research about design thinking and process and what I found out is that while some people propose a linear approach in creativity, others suggested a more organic approach that is very personalized and can take different directions. What I found in London Tube Map is the closest system to what happens in my head; because one can linger on a thought for while, then wind up drifting to a completely new thought. So taking my practice-based research as "the city", I can take one "line of thoughts", move on, or step backward, or take a completely different thread. 

Later on I started challenging this system each time I started a project, and guess what, it works perfectly each time! So here I am again arguing that it could be used as a map to plan my practice-based research, considering that the research itself is a design project of its own. 



Mindmap Key: 

Yellow: literature review

Green: Methodology

Brown: Document-loo

Blue: Research Outcomes


From this map it began a fascination journey with creative process and how artists/ designers think. I feel that this will find its way to be evident throughout my research, and explore how I, among others, can work together in a creative project.