Writing Retreat

Two months ago I participated in one of the most useful and creative workshops for academics... Dr. Helen Kara offered us a "writing retreat" through which we had hands-on exercises that helped us visualize the writing process. 

The exercises were creative in the sense that it made writing process - which seems usually frustrating - feels simple, and not as complicated as we usually feel. 

One of the exercises started with free writing of what we do, what we want to achieve and our daily "work ritual", then we cut off all the words we've written to make a short poem (or Haiku) out of them... 

After we were all done, Dr. Helen Kara pointed: "the pile of words that you haven't used are the amount of work/text you have, and the poem you made is your thesis!" 

Suddenly the amount of work was justified, yet it was necessarily to put it into perspective ever so creatively... ! 

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Another website recommended by her is The Thesis Whisperer: